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Style Guide: Organic Modern

Imagine the sleek, clean lines of modern design softened with warm, organic elements. It's all about mixing natural materials like wood, stone, and natural fibres with a neutral colour palette and subtle patterns. The Organic Modern style is perfect if you love simplicity, sustainability, and a touch of nature in your home.


As always, don't feel like you have to commit to one style. I think that the best designed homes are ones that borrow from different eras and styles to create a space that reflects the people who live there. 

Below are some tips for incorporating some Organic Modern elements into your home. If you're not sure where to start or would like some input on choosing pillow covers to fit any style, I'm happy to help! Get started on our Free Design Help page here.

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When embracing the organic modern style, the key is to choose textiles made from natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool. These materials not only bring a sense of nature into your home but also provide a tactile, cozy feel that is both inviting and stylish. Adding throw pillows with natural elements like leather accents can further enhance your organic modern decor, introducing interesting textures and a touch of rustic charm.


Colour Palette

A well-chosen colour palette can make all the difference in achieving the perfect organic modern look. Muted, neutral shades create a minimalist and sophisticated vibe, setting a calm and serene foundation. Incorporating earthy tones helps ground the space, creating a soothing atmosphere that connects you to nature. 

But that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be beige! Organic Modern spaces can also include warm golds, muted blues or terracotta oranges - just steer away from the brighter versions of your favourite colour toward softer, more natural tones. 

Adding pops of green, either via textiles or by adding indoor plants, is another great way to infuse your space with a fresher, vibrant feel. These touches of colour will keep your decor lively and dynamic.

Patterns & Textures

Since the colours are quite neutral, incorporating pattern and/or texture is hugely important to keep your room from feeling flat and boring. Mixing solid throw pillows with subtle patterns can strike a perfect balance, creating a harmonious look that is neither too plain nor too busy. Geometric designs can add a stylish, modern touch to your throw pillows, while botanical-inspired or floral prints add a nod to mother nature. 


Organic Modern style is about the balance between soft organic shapes and clean modern minimalism. Layering different textures throughout the room should follow the same principle: consider the visual balance of textiles like cozy velvet, slubby linen or an open weave wool against sleeker lines like smooth cotton or leather (real or faux). Layers are what gives the room depth and keeps it visually interesting when the palette is limited.

Pillow Sizing

Oversized throw pillows are great for creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for lounging. My general rule is that larger pillows (22-24”) tend to feel more casual on a sofa while smaller, tighter-fitting pillows (18-20”) lean slightly more formal, though this will depend on the scale of your furniture. Combining different shapes and sizes of throw pillows can create visual interest and add a dynamic look, ensuring your space feels thoughtfully designed and uniquely yours.

Furniture & Accessories

Obviously, a room is made up of more than just pillows - although we think they’re pretty important :) Here's a few things to consider if your Organic Modern space is also in need of some furniture and accessories:



  • Natural materials like wood, marble, leather and rattan are key elements for furnishings.
  • Vintage finds can add texture and personality in a sustainable way.
  • Wood finishes are often lighter in many Organic Modern rooms but don’t feel limited by trends. Darker wood pieces can be helpful to add contrast to lighter palettes.  


  • Look for organic shapes and materials in vases, mirrors, lamps or art.
  • Sculptural pottery, foraged branches and wooden bowls or trays are commonly used when styling organic modern spaces.
  • Natural materials win here too. Jute or wool rugs, linen curtains and woven planters would all fit with this style.
  • Artwork tends to be more modern and minimalist to maintain a calming feel.

Hopefully this guide gave some insight into the organic modern style. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.  


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